Thoughts on technology and “disability”

– So let’s talk technology and disability.

Now I love technology.

I got my phone on my left, my tablet over there and hell I’m writing on a very expensive piece of machinery.

Technology is pretty cool! Now I have an issue when it comes to modern technology being used to help disabled people because it’s like on one hand, access. But on the other hand, it feels more like someone is trying to fix your disability.

A lot of times I’ve seen deaf people who just don’t want cochlear implants because they feel like they are better off without it, they are OK with being deaf and that’s cool. But then there are people who want the cochlear implants or who want robotic arms to help with dexterity and motion and things like that.

It’s a really contentious topic and I wanna know what you guys think about it because I feel like we could get into a very slippery slope where technology can be used for access, but it can also be used to fix your disability which is really just a sad way of repackaging the overcome-your-disability narrative that we see so much when it comes to disabled literature and disabled discourse in general.

I don’t know I’m actually pretty privileged because I don’t need that many accessibility devices so I’d really like to hear from people who use accessibility devices frequently and more often than I do, because I’m coming from a very privileged position where I don’t actually need to think about all this access stuff.

Mobility issues due to obesity

For example, some with self-inflicted disabilities like obesity use robots and even different types of mobility scooters to get around. I just feel that using those types of technology devices in order to aid someone’s mobility shouldn’t be done stupidly. Of course, if you can’t move your legs I think it’s a great option to be able to do more stuff on your own, but for people who have put themselves in a position of overweight. Shouldn’t they be thinking about being more active, not less active?

In the US self-inflicted obesity is one of our present times biggest problems and this can really shorten the lifespan of a human. Research states that 68.3% of the American people are overweight or obese, 3 out of 4 adult men are overweight or obese. That is insane and according to the Disabled-world 66% of those who buy a scooter in order to aid them in their daily lives are overweight, and by doing so their body will start to lose a lot of muscles. Finally leaving them unable to move by their own and lowering their physic by 50% over time.

Preventing the habits of growing up into overweight/obesity aren’t an easy task. Schools provide students with unhealthy food and people are unaware and uninterested in what they stuff their faces with.

Looking at the growing numbers of obese/overweight children in America since 2003 up until 2015 you can see that this trend has been increasing tremendously and will probably not stop until we start seeing some big changes to what is going on in the school kitchen.

2003 youth overweight map

2015 youth overweight map

That was just a real interesting sort of topic that I had in mind so please let me know what you think about it in the comments and if I ‘m just being super problematic feel free to just drag me all across the mud but thanks for reading and as always, be magnificent, be curious, and above all else, be kind.

3 tips on how successful people think

Hi everyone, today I’m going to talk about success, it’s going to be more regarding business success, how to be successful and also how to be successful in your life. Here are some tips:

So the first one I’d say is if you are not prepared to fail then that means that you won’t do anything because you’ll be afraid of not succeeding.

So if you want to be a successful person you need to know that it’s not about the result, it’s more the process.

So don’t just sit on your dreams in case you fail, make an effort to actually do what you want to do, and that also means that if you need help don’t be afraid to ask for help, because there’s no point struggling by yourself when there’s someone sitting next to you who can help you and give you good tips and advice.

The second point which is critical, which everybody says, is to make sure that you keep to your word.

For example, nobody likes a liar, so there’s no point saying to someone ‘Oh yes I’ll do that,’ or ‘yes I ‘m happy to do this, or ‘let’s collaborate and we can do x, y and z,’ and then you not sticking to your end of the bargain, because then that means that you look like a liar, and also the other person won’t want to work with you.

I’ve noticed a lot of that in Youtubing,I’ve been doing it for, not that long really, but I’ve noticed that a lot of the people whoI met, I’m not going to mention any names, they’ll say things like ‘yeah, you know lets work together and we’ll both tweet or well both Facebook’ or whatever after doing the collaboration, whether it’s an interview or whatever, and then a handful of them won’t it.

And I’m not quite sure what the thought process is behind that but from my work experience I find that quite strange because working in PR I work with Chief Execs, people who are Directors, one thing they always do is they keep to their word, you won’t find a Chief Exec saying, ‘yes, I’ll meet you here,’ or ‘I’ll do this,’ and then not doing it, it’s completely unprofessional, so if you want to be successful, you need to be someone that people can trust.

So when you say ‘I’m going to do this,’ or ‘I’m going to tweet this,’ or ‘I’m going to do this, be here a certain time,’ make sure you’re there.

If you’re not going to be there and you know already that you’re not going to be there, or perhaps you don’t want to do something, then let the person know.

Don’t just keep it to yourself, and then not say anything, and then they turn up for a meeting, and you ‘re not there.

Or turn up for a video, and you’re not there.

Or after the video you’re not the doing your end of the bargain.

Say to the person ‘I’m not going to do it because of x, y, z, I hope that’s okay with you,’ if you don’t want to do it, or see if you can negotiate.

So it’s completely unprofessional not to do that, and I think that needs to be stressed because in the corporate world people just don’t behave like that because they know that in the long term you’re the one who looks stupid.

If you’re the woman or the man who always says, you’ll do x, y and z and then you don’t do it; you get a reputation.

Its the same in Youtubing, I know it’s not the corporate world, but you still need to have the professionalism and to act like a mature, human being.

What I’d also say on a lighter note is to make sure that you get enough sleep.

It sounds like an obvious thing to say, but when you’re at the moment when you’re passionate about something, you might forget to have yours, whether you need eight hours, nine hours sleep.

It’s very important to keep healthy so that you can continue whatever it is you’re doing, and also you’ll feel more recharged in the morning and also when you are working throughout the day.

So when you go to sleep make sure that you don’t have iPods, iPhones, things by your bedside which are going to distract you and then mean that you’re not going to have a good night’s sleep because you’re waiting for your iPad to go off or you know your alarm or anything like that, except for the morning alarm, obviously don’t sleep through your morning alarm.

But make sure that you have a restful sleep.

And finally the last tip I’d like to give is to be, its sort of related to the second tip I gave, which is all the people I’ve interviewed and also where I work, as I said I work in PR so tend to work a lot with Directors, Chief Execs, people who are high profile, sometimes even MPs in England, they tend to be nice, okay, I’m not saying all MPs are nice, I’m just saying that in their general day-to-daywork they are nice.

Don’t be rude to people or think I’m better than them, or I’ve got more subscribers so I can behave any how I want to behave because at the end of the day nobody can tell the future, nobody knows what’s going to happen in ten years time or even in a years’ time.
I’ve seen people who have started from nowhere, have said for example,they’re going to write a book, I liaise with quite a lot of authors and they’re people who I’ve met before they’ve even had a book and they’ve been real, really lovely people and now when I look back they’re writing best-sellers.

So you don’t know where someone’s going tobe, you might meet them when they’re not a best-selling author, don’t assume that they ‘re always not going to be a best-selling author and that you’re going to be better than they are because you can’t make predictions like that.

So a lot of the people that I’ve interviewed and also that I’ve noticed in the corporate world if they want to get on, they’re nice to people.

When you’re on your way down, you’re very likely to meet all those people that you were rude to on your way up.

So it’s better to be the person that everyone remembers,’Oh you know when she was a cleaner, or when she was this or a receptionist, she was really friendly,’ so when you’re coming down, and you need a hand, someone, to help you they ‘ll be willing to help you.

But if you were that idiot, who was full of themselves their way up, no-one will want to help you; it’s always nice to obviously polite to people.

Success Tip: How to stop overthinking and take action

Hi there, hope you are having a fantastic day.

I want to ask you a question: “Are you an ambitious person who wants to make bold decisions and take your life to an extreme level of pure awesomeness, but when it comes to doing something you only waste time thinking and do nothing? If yes, you are fucked up.
Because, If you keep living like this, you won’t accomplish anything in life.

But fortunately, we human beings, with a bit of hard work and some shots of vodka, we can kill those fears and thoughts that keep us stuck in a model of life that doesn’t represent anymore who we are, what we stand for, what we want to achieve, and what we want to become.

By overthinking you are slowly killing yourself by thinking about everything.
And the more you think, think, think, the less you will understand about life and move towards your deepest desires, dreams, and ambitions, becoming someone who self-sabotages all the good things that happen to you.

So, now you may ask: “Ok Luigi, but How can I stop overthinking everything and take action more quickly?” First of all, you must realize that you can not control everything in your life.

Being this mad person who wants to have an eye on everything around you and who makes plan A, B, and C for each different scenarios before taking action, so you don’t risk making a mistake or fail, well it isn’t such a smart move.

You’ll lose your sanity and waste so much time because you’ll end up waiting for the perfect moment, which it never comes.

Yeah, of course, you must take your time before making a decision, but you shouldn’t wait three months or three years before jumping into a new endeavor.

Everyone who has lived a life that inspires you has failed and made mistakes.

You must have a certain degree of recklessness actually be able to start something new and unfamiliar, otherwise, you will spend a lifetime making up excuses as to why you didn’t get the life you wanted.

You essentially have two main options on how to live your life.

You can live as a Navigator or as a Driver.

If you are an over thinker, right now, you are more like a navigator.

You study the different routes; you plan various scenarios.

You think of every possibility.

You analyze things to death.

You closely monitor everything.

You want to accomplish an endless list of“things to do before I die,” but you do not have the time or the desire to be the one behind the wheel because you are too busy controlling everything.

The driver, instead, has his foot on the on the gas pedal, hands on the steering wheel, and full control of his life.

The driver loves to roll up his sleeves and dig deep into new and exciting projects, ideas and ventures.

But the problem is that sometimes they go fast, but not always in the right direction.

So the best way to take action is half navigator and half driver.


You must have the clear thinking ability of the navigator so that you don’t drive off course from time to time.

And you must have the adventurous, risky spirit of the driver.

If you find a successful way to combine both characteristics into your life journey, nothing can stop you to reach your biggest goal and deepest desires.

The world needs people like you.

Don’t discount who you are, because you have unique ideas, gifts, and talents.

Show them.

Don’t hide them.

Extraordinary success doesn’t come from playing it safe, or from being too serious.

Success comes from taking risks and actions, from being yourself and expressing your uniqueness.

Success comes from being both the driver and the navigator of your life.

So plan and execute.

Dream Big.

Live Healthy.

Be Happy.

Survival Tips: Taking time off work in Japan.

Why hello there! Today I want to talk about taking time off work in Japan, and this is something I’ve found to be a little bit different from my home country, New Zealand. I’m pretty sure that a lot of people coming from Western countries will find it a little bit different as well, and of course it’s something that important for you to understand if you want to travel or go back to your home country, or whatever you want to do.

So today I’m going to talk about the different ways you can take time off, and the steps for each one.

So let’s get started! First things first there are four different types of common leave in the Japanese workplace, and they are nen ky uu, daikyu, B Youk Yuu, and Tok Yuu.
So I’m going to lump B Youk Yuu and Tok kyu together for this video, because I feel like they’re similar enough to talk about at the same time, but apart from that I’m going to speak of each of the three categories separately, because they’re all completely different, and they all require different steps to take each type of leave.

So I’m going to talk about each one at a time, starting with nen ky uu.

The first one is nen ky uu and that is your basic vacation time.

I think it’s pretty standard to get twenty days of nen ky uu per year, and that’s what I get, and the most important thing, I think, to know about nen ky uu is that it does roll over if you don’t use all of your twenty days in one year.

So say you have five days that you didn’t the previous year, you’ll get twenty-five days the next year, so this is super important to remember so that you don’t end up wasting nen ky uu days.

Okay, apart from that, on paper it says that you can take nen ky uu whenever you like, but that’s not the case.

Uh, your workplace can deny you nen ky uu, and.

Uhm, ideally you should only take nen ky uu when you don’t have responsibilities at work, so say during summer vacation, if you don’t get summer vacation off, if you don’t have classes, you can take nen ky uu all during that period.

However, of course sometimes this can’t be the case, and you’ll have to try and take nen ky uu when you do have things to do at work.

The most important thing to do in this case is to get in early.

Make sure that you know as soon as possible which days you’ll be taking off, and make it your priority to go and let the people that that will affect know.

So, anyone that you’re working on that day, you need to go and talk to them, make sure that they can handle everything without you, and just let them know that you won’t be able to make it in on that day for whatever reason.

Once you’ve done that you can fill out your nen Yuu form and go to whoever is in charge of that – for me it’s my vice-principal – and say that you have already spoken to everyone that this affects and just get them to sign off on your nen ky uu days.

But I cannot stress enough how important it is to let people know as soon as you can if it’s going to affect their day.

So just think about it in terms of being like a decent person – you would want to know if your day was going to be changed because of someone else taking a day off, and it’s nice to give your coworkers the same courtesy, and it’s also really important so that you don’t get those days denied, just to smooth things over in the office.

So yeah, nen ky uu is pretty basic, that is pretty much all there is to know about it.

The only other thing to know is that some workplaces – I’m talking specifically about schools here, because that’s all I know about- um, some schools will offer teachers summer or winter vacation days that are not nen kyu that you can just take off, but some places won’t, so you need to check your contract really carefully for that kind of thing.

My school doesn’t, so if I want to take time off, even in summer holidays I have to go to work every day unless I’ve filled outa nen ky uu form for those days.

So check your contract for any vacation times that isn’t nen ky uu, if not you’ll have to use nen ky uu.

But yeah, that’s pretty much it for nenkyuuI think.

Let’s talk about daikyu next.

Daikyuu is days in lieu.

So if you work on a day that you Wouldnt normally work, so for teachers that are a public holiday or a weekend, then you will get a day off in exchange for that at some point in the future.

The most important thing to know about daikyu unis that most places require that you take your day in exchange within three months of the day that you worked that you shouldn’t have been working – if that makes sense.

Um, a super common cause for Daikyu is OpenCampus at your school – so open campus will happen on the weekend, usually a Saturday (Mine is actually tomorrow), and the entire school will get another day off in exchange for that day.

In this case, you don’t get to choose the day because of course, the whole school gets a day of Daikyu, and so it would be really difficult to coordinate everyone getting a different day off, so the school just decides designates a day that everyone gets off in lieu of the Open Campus day.

Apart from that, you might work some ALT or, like.

I don’t know, some English events, like speech contests and things like that, that are held on weekends, and for those, you will be able to choose a day within three months.

Again, with daikyu the same as nen ky uu, you need to let people know if you have responsibilities that day.

Ideally, of course, take it when you don’t, but if you do, let people know as soon as possible and make sure that it’s all okay.

So yeah, Daikyu is pretty simple – it’s just a day in exchange for working a day that you normally wouldn’t.

So I said there were three types and me named four, and now I’m going to talk about B Youk Yuu and Tokyu together, because they are much more similar than the other types, and I think that they can be classified together.

So B Youk Yuu is sick leave in Japan, and this is probably the one that’s the most different from New Zealand.

I’m not sure about other countries, though I have heard other Westerners say similar things to New Zealand, so I think you will find it quite different as well if you’re a Western foreigner coming to Japan.

So, in New Zealand you are sick, and you need to take some time off work, so you call your boss, and you say “I’m so sorry, I’m sick, I can’t make it in today,” and they sort it out for you.

In Japan, if you are sick and you want to take time off, you must get a note from a doctor or hospital saying exactly how many days off you need and exactly why you need those days.

Usually the maximum for this – or for like a cold or flu type thing – is three days off, but of course, if you’re sicker you can get more time off.

So it does not matter how sick you are, you are getting yourself out of bed, and you are going to that doctor to get that note.

Some places are more or less strict about this – I’ve heard some place accept, like, prescription medication receipts instead of the note, but for my schools, they will only accept that signed, sealed letter from the doctor.

So this is something that you need to bear in mind.

Now there is quite a stigma, I’ve found, against taking sick leave in the Japanese workplace, I think that has a lot to do with the incredibly hardworking culture here, but I would encourage you not to buy into this.

So the stigma is that you should use your nen Yuu or your vacation days when you’re sick instead of sick leave, and I think that’s just ridiculous, I think there is no need for that.

Please please please if you are sick, if you can take sick leave and get that doctor’s note, please do, it’s not your responsibility to use your vacation days for the sick time at all.

Please don’t buy into that.

Um, and the other thing that I mentioned in this segment was Tokyu, which is special leave.

Now special holiday is vague; I haven’t learned much about it.

From what I know it’s for bereavement or loss, so if a family member or spouse dies, you can take some Tokyu, some time off.

I think there’re other reasons for it as well, but I’m not sure.

But absolutely if something happens, and you need to take some time off and go back to your home country or whatever, look into that.

You do not have to take nen ky uu for that; there are things set up so you can do that without using nen ky uu.

So just bear that in mind, if you need it, which I hope you don’t, of course.

So hopefully you won’t need to use byo kyu or Tokyu too much.

If you do, please please take advantage of them, you do not have to use nen ky uu for this kind of thing, and please don’t be pressured into using it if you don’t need to.

So yeah, those are some important things to know about sick leave and special leave.

So that is it for the three common types of work leave that I know of in Japan, there are other kinds but hopefully, you won’t need to use them or know about them too much, and I don’t know about them myself, so I’m not going to talk about them here.

I hope that this was helpful.

Pet Travel Tips

prepare for your “Aww” moment of the morning.

I wasn’t even in this segment; I’m just here to touch the puppies. It doesn’t get better than puppies. I know. I think a lot of people are nervous, though, especially to fly with their animals. It’s true, and rightfully so.

You’re separated from your pet for quite a while, but Delta’s new technology is helpful it allows you to check the temperature, and also the positioning up to the cage and the temperature goes above 85 degrees an automatic alert is sent to the customer care teams.
It’s about fifty dollars to participate in the tracker, but it’s definitely a comfort. people are so scared.
I would never put my dogs on a plane. Anna and I are both dog lovers; we were just talking about this in the commercial break.

Is safe? It is safe; there are things like what Delta is doing to help people gain that comfort level.

But if you do have a smaller pet you can put him under the seat, and that is always better.

Of course, there are some travel tips safety tips for animals as well.

The first one you say is “Properly Identify Your Pet” obviously need the tags you want a microchip you need the tag you also need to make sure your current cell phone number is on that tag and if you don’t have the microchip already you can use this app calledTile.

It’s actually a virtual lost and found it’s great for luggage and keys but also you can put it on your pet collar and it’s also a GPS tracker that you can track on your mobile device so you can bring dogs I think maybe you might not know this you can bring dogs on airplanes, and it’s not that expensive.

There is a small fee for pets and it varies based on the airline but you can put under the seat, is also based on how large your pet is obviously an just like we want a nice beverage, as the cart comes by we gotta hydrate our hounds too! You’ve gotta hydrate your hounds and if you are putting them down below the plane in a crate invest in a little drip water bottle and make sure the pet knows how to use it if it never used it before and if you’re taking a road trip and make frequent stops especially as we head into the warm weather and summer, so the new land with your dog and where you stay I mean how many hotels accept dogs you know not the large chains do you accept paths based on how large they are and there and there are varying fees but two properties really do a great job pampering campaign is one yeah offer them no at no extra charge you can bring your pad, and they gave you know great plus bad and what about some things like that as well as Weston at is a small feel about fifty dollars for the Western property to bring your pad but they give the pets these heavenly plush beds and what a fun extras and they really did a great job I can’t forget to we need to go visit that before we embark on our travels that’s important just to give you that and you know extra comfort level to know your dog or pet has a clean bill of health and then there have been updated on all their vaccinations and preventative care likely intake and how real that place and anxiety medication even add to my friends travel with their hair small animal animal has a two hour and as very anxious though there are also two things out there Thunder shirt 90 pills to help calm your passion this you know in a lifetime a dog obsession this might be the cutest puppy ever all you agree with a such a beautiful dog is a very sound mix if you load up this popular any puppies in seeing the show contact the North Shore Animal League America today having mill dog rescue coming with over 80 puppies and small dogs they’re great people, and the dogs are some we will this one a specially a diastolic Ca 2+all right family walkway coming up unpacked event Christians being slaughtered around the world for their relief governor Mike Huckabee joins.